Goodbye for now

Hello friends,

The home of Designer’s Diary and the business of Downtown Design has come to an end. Many things have changed in my life and with that I have made significant changes in my business life too! It is an exciting time and I invite you to please join me in my new journey. Follow my blog and website Meadow + Mountain for more details.

It has been a great pleasure to write to you, encourage, and inspire through my words and through my design projects. I have been blessed to get to know some of you readers and I’ve been encouraged by your continuous feedback.

I’m not going anywhere, but perhaps just relocating!

All the best,



Stage Design: A Woodland Christmas

With the snow slowly melting, I reflect on this last season’s stage design at my church. I loved creating this woodland wonderland! The vision was to feel like you were in the middle of a forest with trees, snow, and a frozen pond. We made this happen with layering artificial trees, decorating with lanterns, and playing with lighting. To give the trees a freshly fallen snow look we dusted the trees in fake snow (it comes in a can from your local craft store), and used white tissue paper at the base of the trees. With the help of great friends (and a very strong boyfriend), we lugged fallen tree stumps to the church. It added so much “life” and for awhile it really felt like you were in the middle of a forest. With intensified blue lighting, it gave the illusion the stage was an ice rink! The vision was executed and it was a beautiful backdrop to lively worship. The church had a power outage due to this year’s ice storm so the stage design was put to good use by lighting each individual lantern. ‘Twas a beautiful season!





carruthers creek community church

Fall in love with moments

On a recent trip to a winter wonderland, I had the honour of posing and frolicking in the snow to capture a few shots with my love. Even when I slipped and fell on ice, it was definitely “one of those days” I will remember for a lifetime. Our photographer was beyond amazing and she really captured the essence of us. I am blown away by the crisp white backdrop that Canada offers. Snow covered trees, freshly fallen snow, hues of pink in the sky; it was breathtaking! With punches of red and navy blue from our outfits, it really “popped” against all of that white. Here is a little sneak peak of a few of my favourites…



After completing this photo shoot, it made me think of how I can translate this into our interiors. With such a beautiful colour pallete, it is something that could easily transform a bedroom, kitchen, or living room. Possibly an oversized navy blue throw blanket draped over a crème wing back chair, a red toaster or crock pot set on a bare kitchen countertop, a rustic brown coffee table with exposed bolts and knots, or even grey silk drapery with an inlay of lace to frame a window. Use textures like knitted wool, lace, and leather to get a well layered look!

There are so many things you can do to incorporate the crème, navy blue, rustic brown, and maroon red into your interiors. Whether it be a paint colour on your wall or as a splash of colour in an accent piece; have fun with it!

The truth is, I fell in love with that day. The best advice I can give you is to decorate with that in mind. Fill your home with moments that at one point or another took your breath away. That is the very best design secret anyone could ever use.


Retro fashion

My favourite era is the 1930’s. I love the fashion, the music, and the big Southern homes with wrap around porches. Today I decided to play dress up and channel my inner 30’s style. I chose a simple black dress with a pearl necklace and diamond clip on earrings. My hair was half pinned up and curled. I loved being a little retro today, and what better way then reading the classic story The Notebook (accompanied by my standard poodle) while sipping a latte!